• 2014-9-6
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 2014-9-5
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 2014-8-15
    Malmö, Malmöfestivalen
  • 2014-7-30
    Hjälmsa, Bräkne-Hoby
  • 2014-7-25
    Emmaboda, Emmabodafestivalen
  • 2014-7-11
    Hässleholm, Siestafestivalen
  • 2014-5-31
    Karlskrona, Pride
  • Thank you for a wonderful spring and summer! 2014-7-28

    Billie sommar 2014

    We've had a great time this previous months celebrating our 10th anniversary. Thank you Växjö Deluxe, Malmö Babel, Stockholm Debaser Slussen, Halmstad Tillsammans, Karlskrona Pride, Siestafestivalen, Emmabodafestivalen, Bräkne-Hoby Byafesten/Hjälmsa KF!

    Now we're heading for the summers last gig at Malmöfestivalen 15th of august. It's gonna be a great final and since Malmö has a very special place in our hearts it couldn't be a better place to end summer season.

    Then in the beginning of September we're going to Barcelona for two gigs. It will be another great reunion, we've longed to come back to Spain. Under Shows you can find a link to buy tickets. Also visit our Facebook to be updated on these gigs. 


    Billie the Vision & the Dancers

  • Still hangin' around! 2013-3-26

    You might not have heard from us in a while (if you're not following us on facebook) but we're still here. The latest months we've been working more than ever in the rehearsal room. Old material, new material! We are not doing any shows at the moment, but are hoping to come out and see you all again in the summer.  

    Billie the Vision and the Dancers

  • Seven become five 2012-11-20

    Seven Billie the Vision members have now become five.
    Thank you Gustav and Frida for everything and good luck in the future.
    /Billie the Vision and the Dancers

    fem medlemmar

  • Our final gigs for the summer this weekend 2012-8-19

    On Friday we're playing at Typ en festival in Nyköping and on Saturday at Klacksparken i parken in Blädinge, Alvesta. We are really looking forward to it. Especially since it is the last gigs of this summer.

    Hope to see you there!


  • Gig in Lund on Saturday 2012-7-11

    On Saturday night we're playing at Stadshallens Takscen in Lund, 20.00, free entrance.

    We are so looking forward to it.

    Please join us!

  • Do you want to buy While You Were Asleep? 2012-6-14

    We are very sorry that it has been so much trouble to get a physical copy of our new album. However, now it's finally possible.

    Fans outside Sweden can order through BENGANS. They ship worldwide and has a site in english.

    Swedish fans can also find it at GINZA and CDON.

    And of course, as a digital copy it is still availible on ITUNES.

  • Island in the Sun Unplugged 2012-6-14

    This video brought back some nice memories from the wonderful festival Island in the Sun at Åland Islands last summer. I Seek a Stronger Word Enjoy!

    ps. Did you know that you now can vote for us to the Rockbjörnen price.

  • While You Were Asleep on Itunes 2012-5-17

    Now is our new album finally available on Itunes! Support us by buying it!

  • Oslipat interpretates Billiesongs 2012-5-15

    Tomorrow we're coming to Malmö where stand up club Oslipat will interpretate some Billie the Vision and the Dancers songs. And we will play them. 

    Participating comedians: Kalle Lind, Jonatan Unge, Pernilla Hammargren, Cecilia Ramstedt, Marcus Johansson and Fritte Fritzson.

    We are so looking forward to it. Please join us!

    See link to Kulturcentralen for tickets and more information.

  • Summercat TV-ad airing in the UK 2012-5-14

    Now we're invading United Kingdom through an Estrella Damm Beer advert - how inscrutable our ways are! Watch the advert here.
    If you'd like to support us, buy the song Summercat on Itunes.
    We want to make it on the Itunes UK top 100 songs!
  • Live broadcast on local radio 2012-5-10

    Today we're going to play on P4 Radio Blekinge to raise money for Radiohjälpen and their fundraising campaign Världens Barn. Broadcast live all day from Chocolattes storefront, Borgmästargatan 13 Karlskrona. We will play 14.30-14.00.

  • Delayed arrival of the new album 2012-5-9

    Message from our record company Golden Best:

    The technology lets us down and our systems have played us a
    prank. Unfortunately, the new album won't be available until Friday. We are obviously very sorry about this and hope that you understand.

    Greetings Golden Best.

  • Look at our new backdrop 2012-4-28


  • Kind of Musikhjälpen 2012-4-27

    Thursday May 10th Billie the Vision and the Dancers will be playing live at P4 Blekinge.

    P4 Blekinge (Swedish Radio) raises money for Radiohjälpen and their fundraising campaign Världens Barn. Broadcast live all day from Chocolattes storefront, Borgmästargatan 13 Karlskrona.

    Join us!

  • New Album May 9th 2012-4-25

    We are proud to announce that our new album While You Were Asleep will be released on May 9th. In the meanwhile you can hear the first single Queen of the Dance Floor at Swedish Radio, P3. Dance on.

    /Billie the Vision and the Dancers

  • Vote for Billie 2012-4-25

    Vote for Billie in "Låtduellen" at Musikguiden on Swedish radio.


  • Welcome to our new website! 2012-4-25

    Finally our new website is up and running. Hope you will enjoy it, let us know if something is missing or doesn't work. The shop will be added later on.

    Also, thanks to Linn and Olle who made this website possible.


  • We're excited! 2012-3-26

    Friday Mars 30th we will release our new singel! "Queen of the Dance floor"
    Please visit our facebook page for more information.

    Much love Billie the vision

  • New Facebook fanpage 2012-3-17

    We're moving to another Facebook page. Please join us!

    On Sunday, we will close down the current page. Like the new page here:

    Hugs and kisses / Billie the vision