• 2014-9-6
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 2014-9-5
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 2014-8-15
    Malmö, Malmöfestivalen
  • 2014-7-30
    Hjälmsa, Bräkne-Hoby
  • 2014-7-25
    Emmaboda, Emmabodafestivalen
  • 2014-7-11
    Hässleholm, Siestafestivalen
  • 2014-5-31
    Karlskrona, Pride



  • I Was So Unpopular in School and Now They´re Giving Me This Beautiful Bicycle (2004)
  • The World According to Pablo (2005) 
  • Where the Ocean Meets My Hand (2007) 
  • I Used to Wander This Streets (2008) 
  • From Burning Hell to Smile and Laughter (2010)
  • Best of Billie the Vision & the Dancers (2011)
  • While You Were Asleep (2012)


BtV&tD and Love Will Pay the Bills Records is created by Lars, with the members: Lars Lindquist, Maria Carlsson, Gustav Kronqvist, John Dunsö, Sofia Janninge and Lisa Haglind. Debut album I was so unpopular in school and now they´re giving me this beautiful bicycle is released on Love Will Pay the Bills Records. The album gets great reviews in the press and also gets nominated at Manifest, the Swedish prize award for records released on indie labels.

National TV debut in Sweden at the show Go'kvall. Weeks after the producers calls and says that they have never before received as much positive reactions from the viewers in the entire history of the show. National radio debut with the songs Summercat och Good and Bad.

Silvio "Mono" Arismendi joins the band. A gig at Emmaboda festival. After days of consideration BtV&tD decides to do it even though they have to pay the entrance fee themselves. The Pipettes from England sees the show and wants to do a tour together. Walking street tour in Malmoe during the summer. BtV&tD reaches out to more people and extends their audience. The second album The World According to Pablo is recorded during the summer and is released soon after. Also this album gets nominated at Manifest.

Autumn tour in Sweden and Norway as a support band for The Pipettes. BtV&tD debuts on the biggest club scenes and does a huge success. In Oslo they also meet Michael Hockel, who later will be their German label boss. BtV&tD flies to England and meets The Pipettes and does three shows in London. A cooperation with The Pipettes manager Andy Barding begins. The day before new years eve BtV&tD does their first show, headlining Malmoe's biggest club scene, Kulturbolaget.

In the beginning of the year BtV&tD drives 1300 kilometers to play at Hola Folkhögskola in the north of Sweden, in front of 30 persons. There they meet the blues musician Seasick Steve. Europe tour in the beginning of the summer, debut shows in both Germany and Italy. BtV&tD wants to do something different and arranges a high school tour in the south of Sweden in the autumn.

The third album Where the Ocean Meets My Hand is recorded in the beginning of the year and is released in the spring. In the same period as the release of the third album BtV&tD does a prison tour at some of the heaviest institutions in Sweden. The project is very rewarding in many ways.

In the autumn BtV&tD does their first big tour on their own in Sweden. The shows are sold out and BtV&tD proves for the media what an impressive fan base they have gathered by themselves without any PR agency helping them. Seasick Steve calls and says that he has become huge in the United Kingdom and that he would want BtV&tD as a support band on his tour there in the end of January 2008. BtV&tD says yes.

UK tour in the end of January as a support for Seasick Steve. BtV&tD plays at sold out clubs with an average audience of 2000 people every night. The forth album I Used to Wander These Streets is recorded in the spring in Tambourine Studios in Malmoe together with producer Per Sunding, and is released in the beginning of the summer. Frida Brattgard and Jon Lindquist joins the band. Lisa Haglind quits for new adventures.

Out of 88 000 registered bands on in Sweden, BtV&tD is one of 12 bands nominated in the same category in the Swedish music award Rockbjörnen. It's a people's vote and BtV&tD wins their first Rockbjörnen award in the beginning of the year.

In the end of the spring, BtV&tD precipitates in a Spanish beer commercial, made by Estrella Damm, with the song Summercat. Through the commercial BtV&tD becomes acknowledged by every single spanish citizen. In late September they're playing at the big BAM-festival in Barcelona with 25 000 people in the audience. Another tour in Spain and an even bigger one in Germany follows. Later that autumn and winter the band starts working on the fifth album.

One of guitarists, John Dunsö, quits the band in the beginning of the year to find new challenges in life. The album From Burning Hell to Smile and Laughter is released in April and Tomas Ebrelius is helping the band out in Johns turn during the spring and summer touring. But later that autumn the band decides to manage it without replacing John. BtV&tD takes another trip to Spain as a seven headed band.

The idea of a compilation is brought up and now the band decides that the time is right. In the working progress they ask around among some old friends, colleagues and role models if anyone wants to make their version of their favorite Billie the Vision & the Dancers song. That results in 13 wonderful covers and the compilation became a double album with nice material for the old fans. The sixth album Best of Billie the Vision & the Dancers with friends contributing on a bonus record with covers is released in early May. During the summer they started the new recordings wich continnued through the autumn and winter.

In May, the sixth original album While You Were Asleep is released. And Billie the Vision & the Dancers are looking forward to once again hit the road and meet up with their audience.