• 2014-9-6
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 2014-9-5
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 2014-8-15
    Malmö, Malmöfestivalen
  • 2014-7-30
    Hjälmsa, Bräkne-Hoby
  • 2014-7-25
    Emmaboda, Emmabodafestivalen
  • 2014-7-11
    Hässleholm, Siestafestivalen
  • 2014-5-31
    Karlskrona, Pride

Oslipat interpretates Billiesongs

Tomorrow we're coming to Malmö where stand up club Oslipat will interpretate some Billie the Vision and the Dancers songs. And we will play them. 

Participating comedians: Kalle Lind, Jonatan Unge, Pernilla Hammargren, Cecilia Ramstedt, Marcus Johansson and Fritte Fritzson.

We are so looking forward to it. Please join us!

See link to Kulturcentralen for tickets and more information.

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